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This is Quaterbrain 

Quarterbrain is a Berlin based Band from Germany. Three musicians that love to play Rock music somewhere in the mix of Punk and Stoner, close to Psychedelic and Hardrock, somehow epic and mostly enriched with a decent message. If there is a need to give our stuff a name, then this might work: Berlin based Berlin style Indie-Stoner-Psychedelic-Whatsoever-or-just-Rock!! At least - there is only one way to get an idea of what we are doing: Listen and come to our shows! You can find our new album Nuntii Distorti online at all the most important streaming services. Also on spotify!

Who are we? 

Thomas "el Dottore" Schmitz

On Bass and 2nd Vocals.The Link to connect Drums and Guitar. His quote: Science matters

Tom "More Gear" Gapski

On Main Vocals, Guitar, Keys and sometimes Saxophon. His Quote: Without any doubt - I need more gear.

"Drum Phil" Zille

On Drums, Backing Vocals and keys. Quote: If it sounds good, hit it!


It doesn't make sence to make music without...